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  1. Take Me to the River, Drop Me in the Water: Valor of the Guards

    by , 28 Dec 12 at 04:21 (Cross of Irony: Redneck ASL)
    And just like that, our Red Barricades campaign was over. My Russian forces were encircled, clinging to a few rowhouses in the southern section of the map. My regiment-sized assault from the east had failed, much like Manstein's historical attempt to relieve the 6th Army had fallen short. There's a time to concede to the agony of defeat, and it was definitely time. I congratulated my opponent, the wiley Marsholio, and we celebrated by drinking a large amount of Ranger ale and watching Sharpe's 8 and 9.
    We discussed whether to play VotG or FB. The Budapest maps required a larger surface ...
  2. Red Barricades: Clash of the Tight Ones--Day 21 (6 Nov 42)

    by , 13 Nov 12 at 13:53 (Cross of Irony: Redneck ASL)
    Yes, the blog has skipped a few days of battle. Time is like that...think of it as a tablecloth being folded. Then again, maybe Time isn't a tablecloth at all. We could always invent a few imaginary dimensions to make our formulas work, maybe 6 more or so. Or maybe not. I'll tell you, I was leary (but not Timothy) about taking the time to add more blogs after the Blog link disappeared when the site was redesigned. Ya see, I lost several years' worth of blogs on after they decided that too few users bothered to use the blog feature. But, the Blog link is back and so am I. I'll briefly catch ...
  3. Red Barricades: Clash of the Tight Ones--Day Four/Five

    by , 09 Jun 12 at 05:49 (Cross of Irony: Redneck ASL)
    Day Four--"BALL PEEN HAMMER OF THE GODS" (20/21 Oct 1942)

    It's not unusual for a big game to become unbalanced despite the intention of the designers. I've seen it in a lot of games. PWG's Korsun Pocket rulebook asked that players report to the designer how the games turned out...the designer hadn't even bothered to playtest it to the end and otherwise didn't have clue about the balance. Historical games are always fighting on two fronts: on one front, both players must feel that they have a chance to win (playability); on the other front, the game must somehow stay historically ...

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  4. Red Barricades: Clash of the Tight Ones--Day Three

    by , 03 Jun 12 at 03:23 (Cross of Irony: Redneck ASL)
    Day Three (18 Oct 1942)

    Having played several RB CGs, one thing became obvious: a Soviet Attack can be devastating. It forces the German player to setup first, and then the Soviets can pick out the weak areas to utilize concentrated attacks. The German player rarely spends points on defense, and without mines and such to worry about the Russian player can simply forge ahead. A well-time Soviet attack can send the German player reeling backwards, so with all of that in mind, I choose an Attack chit. The German's ELR is down to 3, so I'm guessing that Field Marshal Marsholio will ...
  5. Red Barricades: Clash of the Tight Ones--Day Two

    by , 22 May 12 at 02:10 (Cross of Irony: Redneck ASL)
    Day Two (18 Oct 1942): The Longest Day

    Day Two seemed to take a long time to complete...strung-out over 2 weekends, we felt the scenario would never come to an end. I should point out that it wasn't just slow gameplay that extended the game, but I was also ill for several days (I either had a sinus infection or Cat Scratch Fever, I'm not really sure which.) But, we finally managed to end the seemingly perpetual battle which failed to please either of us.

    As before, I (Kommissar Kipper) will be writing the majority of this blog, while Field Marshal Marsholio (my Axis ...
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