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  1. Moving Away From 4X

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    This was originally going to be a completely different essay, but I've realized it's past time to tighten up my definitions some, so I'm not continuing having to stop and figure out/explain pieces of my foundation just so I can say something coherent. This really should have been the first post in the 'game genre' series. Well, second would have been acceptable.

    So, now to talk about what's been the elephant in the room, the 4X genre. Borrowing from Wikipedia:

    The term "4X" originates from a 1993 preview
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  2. Fantasy Conquest

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    Medieval-style fantasy has long had a strong hold on the imagination. It didn't take long for fantasy to become a popular genre in computer games either. As various board wargame-derivative designs evolved during the '80s, a fairly distinct genre that I call 'fantasy conquest' emerged.

    These are related to the more general '4X' games, but don't always hew to all parts of that style, probably because the distinctive space 4X game emerged in parallel. (There's also some internal bias, as I generally only think of 'space 4X' games ...

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  3. A New World

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    An approximate pattern for 4X games in general is to start out with a single base/settlement, move out, find valuable terrain and claim it with further bases, solidify borders to keep others away from the valuable bits you've found, and then go take their stuff.

    Thus, these games generally start out as ones of colonization. Whether it's sending ships out into the galaxy, or settling the barbarian-infested wilderness, it's much the same. Colonizing the New World is a natural fit for the common strategy game desire of building ...
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  4. Reviewed: Hellsing Ultimate

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    Ready for some Halloween entertainment?

    Hellsing Ultimate is now the third title to officially make it to my august list of anime suitable for viewing by adults. I really wasn't expecting it to make the list at all as, again, I am not a fan of anime, nor of horror, and especially not of vampire stories. Personally, I find the whole vampire craze to be as banal as the more recent zombie craze. Blood suckers don't terrify me in the same way meeting a werewolf would (this probably has something to do with being exposed to vampire ...
  5. Building Economy

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    I've been playing a fair amount of the old city-builder game Pharoah: Gold recently. (Bought it on sale at GoG at the beginning of the month.) And I've been pondering why.

    I have played SimCity. I have a copy of SimCity 2000 (bought for cheap after 3000 came out). I have spent time with OpenTTD.

    I think they're all fine enough. But they don't hold my attention for long. A few hours fiddling around with them and I'm done.

    I am, in general, a strategy gamer. Which is a computer game genre definition so broad ...
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