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  1. your favorite Journal?

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    Coming off reading the "best ASL product thread," how about a more focused set of choices? I think all the HASLs are great, in their own ways, which have been debated often on the forum. There probably is a thread of "your favorite Journal," but an occasional revival is worthwhile, without having to start from a necro-thread.

    So, sticking with those eleven apples (Annuals were oranges, and Action Packs are bananas--because I like bananas), which is your favorite, and why? Articles, scenarios, artwork, it arrived on your child's birthday, anything goes.
  2. Missing Counter Series: the Longbow SW

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    'Mad Jack' Churchill carried a broad sword and long bow. Evidently he killed a German NCO with a bow in France 1940.
    Uh, you read the first post in this thread, right?
    Oops, a long time ago. My faux
  3. Campaign Series Middle East 1948-1985 Video - Bootcamp 2

    Here is a tutorial video of the game play in the Campaign Series Middle East 1948-1985 game.


    This goes over Airstrikes, Helicopters and ATGM's.

    Hope this helps!
    Jason Petho
  4. Campaign Series: Middle East 1948-198

    We did it!

    We finally released it. It's been awhile in the making, but it is available now!

    Campaign Series: Middle East 1948-1985

    Jason Petho
  5. 6 Reasons why the Terminator sequels all suck

    The new Terminator movie has arrived and, surprise, surprise, it apparently stinks .This isn't rocket science, folks. It really shouldn't be that hard to make a worthy sequel...IF you bother to actually watch the original film and think about what sets it apart from the dreadful chain of half-baked sequels.

    The problem here isn't that all the good ideas have already been used up, or lack of budget, or any of that other nonsense. It's Hollywood's complete inability to grasp what made the original film so engaging and different than the typical mush churned out by executives more interested ...
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