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  1. Sunday - July 20, 2014

    Well then, it has been awhile!

    Time to get this rolling again.

    Quite a lot has happened with the Campaign Series and Middle East lately. A new UPDATE for the Campaign Series bringing it up the 2.01 UPDATE standard is available here: UPDATE DOWNLOADS

    That and the 2.00 UPDATE are HUGE UPDATES for the Campaign Series, incorporating many new features and User Interface improvements. A huge thank you to the new programmer on the team, Berto. Here is a link to the changelog:


    With the active support for the game, we ...
  2. Summer Games: Battlefield 4

    Lately, I've been pretty harsh on the world of PC gaming, even to the point of labeling the industry as being downright disreputable. I still stand behind those sentiments. And little, if anything, has changed in the intervening months. Things are still pretty rotten around these here parts, perhaps more so as we now can add disreputable indie developers to the mix. It's all enough to make a man want to take up chess again....

  3. Balance and Playability

    by , 07 Jun 14 at 08:09 (Klementi Voroshilov)
    HAYSEED: 'That's the fifth black card you've drawn in a row.'

    SUNDANCE: Yeah, lucky...'

    HAYSEED: 'I think there's more to it than luck.'

    SUNDANCE: 'What are you sayin'? Are you saying that I'm cheating?' '

    HAYSEED: I'm sayin' nobody draws five black cards out of a Russian pile without drawing a single red card.'

    BUTCH: 'Soviet.'

    HAYSEED: 'OK, Soviet then. It can't be done. Take that last FFE off the board or I'm gonna fill ya full of holes.' ...
  4. Bring the HEAT...

    by , 07 Jun 14 at 07:46 (Klementi Voroshilov)
    ME: Thinking, thinking...

    TEDMS: Time's up.

    ME: I'll fire APCR. A "7", I haven't got it. Firing AP. A "9," miss.

    Earlier I talked about various to kill effects of Soviet APCR rounds. These range from the moderately effective 45mm APCR round to the why-bother 76L round. Range is a key factor on whether APCR is worth firing. APCR is most effective at close range. Which means that good tankers save APCR when you need to kill a monster at close range.

    However, good tankers also know that ...
  5. LOADER! Um...surprise me.

    by , 07 Jun 14 at 06:13 (Klementi Voroshilov)
    Armor Piercing Composite Rigid (APCR) ammo is made from a nickle alloy. In fact, the hunger for nickle drove many campaigns, many in the most inhospitable conditions (e.g. Narvik, Petsamo). Nickle was so valuable, in fact that the US stopped using nickle to make nickles and used them instead to make shells. You can still find some 1943-1945 nickles out there in circulation with an "S" stamped on them for the steel they were made from.

    APCR can really seem like a difference maker when taking on tanks you really have no business taking on. But is it? Here I ...
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