View Full Version : Issue With Path Planning

26 Nov 02, 15:47
When I "in line paste" a path for my forces to follow some individual vehicles toward the rear of my force get this crazy path that takes them in circles and has more nodes than the original path. I took screenshot to show what I mean. Below is the path for the rear vehicle. It's nothing like I planned for the company.

I didn't move the vehicles or anything either.

Black Moria
28 Nov 02, 17:27
I have noticed this behavior as well. I think something must be up with the path AI.

I was playing the scenario Attack on Basra. I was having the 3 A10 Thunderbolts flying the the northern west-east line of dug-in Iraqi vehicles with a simple west-east track.

I noted the A10s doing weird things. They would fly the west-east track a bit, then abruptly fly south for anywhere from 5 to 7 km then circle north and return to the west-east track I set for them. When I checked the path edit, sure enough, there were path IP points that I hadn't set.

Not sure what it means - a bug or some AI massaging of the path edit. When I studied the behavior of the A10s, it was almost like they were circling around to the south and returning to attack a dug-in position that they had missed because they exhibited this behavior (seemly) whenever they missed a target.

Perhaps a similar type of behavior is going on with the vehicles.

Or, perhaps the path edit behavior is a result of the individual vehicles trying to maintain a given formation. :confused:

Pat Proctor
29 Nov 02, 01:04
From the picture, it appears that you wish to inline paste to individual vehicles. This is absolutely allowed in ATF.

However, (as the manual says about a gazillion times:p ) if you want to assign paths, orders, SOP's, etc. to individual units TURN OFF PLATOONS AND COMPANIES using the "show platoons" and "show companies" from the toolbar.

What you are doing, I think inadvertently, is assigning the path to the visible hierarchies. They are then trying to reform their formation along the new path, which is adding a bunch of nodes and making a bunch of loops you don't want the individual vehicles to make.

If this is not the case, let me know and I will investigate further.

29 Nov 02, 08:36
Actually, I'm trying to plan paths for my platoons and companies. I turn off the unit icon and just leave the platoon and company icon on using the technique discussed in the tutorial. I then select "show path" for the company, plan a path copy, then "paste in line" for all platoons and companies. Finally, I click on the unit icon, and look show the path the path for an individual vehicle. That's when I see the the altered path.

I had a feeling the game was trying to maintain the formation. However, since they are already in formation, I don't see the need for the strange path.