View Full Version : Opponent Wanted for Learning game of The First Blitzkrieg or The Southern Front.

17 Jun 10, 00:24
Hi. I"m new to this game system but I'm looking for a patient player to help me learn the game!
No preferences on to which side but usually prefer default rules.
Can manage a turn every day or two.
Either TFB or TSF.

17 Jun 10, 06:42
Since the ladders have been dead the action over here has been pretty slow. If you don't get any takers try the HPS Operational ladder at this club: http://www.theblitz.org/index.php

17 Jun 10, 18:20
Thanks KG!
I'll try there as well!

20 Jun 10, 23:11
Long as you don't mind playing another n00b, I'm game.
I can play TFB right now, and but TSF is in the mail, so it'll be another week or so before that one's available.
Rate of play would be a turn a day for smaller scenarios, maybe a turn every other day for something like France.

Though I've played wargames for the past 25 years, I've never played PBEM.
So you may have to live with a tech boo-boo or two. :OHNO:
Also, I can't promise much of a fight, since I've got nothing except the AI to compare my skill-level to.

But if you can live with the above, let's give it a whirl.

20 Jun 10, 23:20
Man, I'm okay with that! I'm pretty much the same way! Let's give it a shot. Shoot me an email here at home and we can discuss in more detail. And thanks for replying! I'm so looking forward to playing either/both of these games! Thanks a lot!