View Full Version : PzC or MC PBEM?

17 Jan 10, 16:57
Anyone looking for a game?

PzC: Alamein; France 40; Korsun; Kursk; Minsk

MC: NGP85.

I'm a noob. Probably able to turn out 3-5 turns pw.

17 Jan 10, 19:28
Hey, I am interested in playing small to medium games in either NGP'85 or Minsk '44. My email is nikolaiboboshko_88@hotmail.com so if you are interested we can definetly get two games going.

17 Jan 10, 20:27
Hi Snowblue,

Sounds great. I am really bad at attacking: I can't make any progress against the AI in Minsk. I''ll attack as the Soviets in NGP and send you a file soonest. If you can hit me back with a file as you attacking in Minsk that would be cool. I normally put on all the optional rules except optional fire & assault; low fuel and fatigue.

Good luck!