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Dr Zaius
15 Nov 02, 14:43
I saw this in my email today:

Dear Captain Patrick Proctor,

I'm still new to your simulations (I'm more familiar with TacOps),
but became quite impressed with BCT and now ATF. But when I saw that the latter was based on individual vehicles I asked myself whether the individual vehicle AI was good enough to result in logical higher level behaviour of a platoon or company. In other words, is the platoon and company behaviour in ATF more realistic than the respective unit behaviour in the more abstracted BCT?

Best regards,

And the reply...


Before I begin bragging about "my baby", I encourage you to check out the demo at:


That having been said, I think that you will find that the AI in Armored Task Force is VASTLY improved over BCT: Brigade Combat Team. In fact, while individual vehicles and teams ARE modeled in ATF, you could play the entire game without giving a single order at this level.

The game is designed to let you control your forces at the level you wish. You CAN fight individual vehicles. But the friendly AI allows you to give high level orders to your platoons or companies (like "Assault", "Screen", and "Company Attack to Breach"). The AI will take care of the rest!

Thanks for your interest, and your question. I look forward to hearing your thoughts after you try out the demo.

President, ProSIM Company

I'm curious how many people plan on fighting their battles at the platoon or company level vs the individual vehicle level. It seems that managing individual units would give a greater degree of control, although this would certainly involve more micromanagement and time.