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Dr Zaius
12 Nov 02, 18:03
Are there going to be any tutorials released with Armored Task Force? If not, we should start adding to the articles we have here at Warfare HQ to help beginners get a handle on the simulation. It can be a bit overwhelming for someone with little actual military experience.

Any help would be appreciated.

Pat Proctor
13 Nov 02, 01:02
Just as with BCT: Brigade Combat Team, Chapter 2 of the Armored Task Force manual is a tutorial which walks you step by step through an actual scenario.

But, hey, I don't want to discourage a further tutorial on your site.:cheeky:

I would be happy to contribute to any effort. I would right another article myself, but we are hard at work on a database editor and a scenario builder tutorial right now.

Dr Zaius
13 Nov 02, 16:52
We'll be happy to post any additional tutorials that either ProSIMM or the gamers come up with. With a simulation this complex there is probably room for a lot of tutorials and strategy articles.