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03 Aug 04, 08:58
Rather fun. After one game as Napoleon, I couldn't roll up Wellington's right flank and ended up having the Prussians cut through my rear.


03 Aug 04, 09:03
Simple little game. Managed to crush Wellington in game two. ;)

03 Aug 04, 09:17
Took Wellington and crushed Napoleon. Entertaining...http://www.warfarehq.com/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif

03 Aug 04, 09:34
Just crushed Napoleon - Wellington up next!

03 Aug 04, 13:31
Nice little game, I too got a victory out of it.

05 Aug 04, 15:33
Nice... using the same stategy doesn't consistently turn out the same way either... nice element of chance included.

Dicke Bertha
06 Aug 04, 15:03
Hehe, fun. As Napoleon, I won 3 times out of four against Wellington. Had that happened, maybe Sweden would not have imported a Napoleonic Field Marshal to be King! :devil:

06 Aug 04, 15:14
Wouldn't have thought it possible, but the Battle of Waterloo can end in a draw. Interesting.

Dicke Bertha
06 Aug 04, 15:21
Would it have been possible for Napoleon to crush his enemies one at a time, with a little more luck?

06 Aug 04, 15:47
Not in context of the battle of Waterloo...my two cents. Perhaps two battles a week or so apart. I meant the simulation--for some reason I assumed it only registered wins and losses.

Dicke Bertha
11 Oct 04, 16:14
Bumping this funny little game; tried as Wellington, only managed a draw. :OHNO:

12 Oct 04, 02:30
Iíve played twice as Wellington, and twice as Nappy. Won complete victories every time. :horse:

12 Oct 04, 07:45
minor victories with both sides