View Full Version : TFE4 Updated - 25 Jan 09

26 Jan 09, 03:38
IronX's Arab-Israeli Wars mod is now available for download!

Kudos to Andrew, excellent high quality mod.

26 Jan 09, 08:51
As of 1345 GMT on Monday 1/26 the web site hasn't been updated, but the mod is available via the ftp server, ftp://ftp.wargamer.com/pub/SquadBattles/IronX/AIW_Ver_1.0_Setup.exe

BTW, I use the link http://www.wargamer.com/Hosted/SquadBattles/ to get to the TFE4 Squad Battles site hosted by the Wargamer, but I'll be darned if I can find the actual link somewhere on the Wargamer site. Could someone post the Wargamer page that has the link to the TFE4 site so I know I'm looking at the latest TFE4?

26 Jan 09, 09:31
The opening page date hasn't been changed, but if you go into the site by clicking Lock and Load: http://hosted.wargamer.com/SquadBattles/id108.htm

There is an entry for 25JAN09 with the new Mod link which contains some really nice screen shots.

26 Jan 09, 11:52
Here's the official updated link: http://hosted.wargamer.com/squadbattles/index.htm

26 Jan 09, 12:31
Fantastic work. Been tooling around with it a bit on my lunch hour. Good stuff. Bravo, Andrew!

26 Jan 09, 12:50
I like the "Armageddon 2050" scenario, made me smile :)

An all new Suez Canal map! Has IronX reverse engineered the .map encoding? Can a true map editor be far behind?

As before, the quality of the graphics is phenomenal. The unit, vehicle and weapons images are marvelous. And the map graphics are great, the altitude gradients being very clear.

Tremendous work Andrew and much appreciated.

26 Jan 09, 23:31
Thank you guys. Glad you're liking it so far. Like the Long War mod, fighting on a modern battlefield can be pretty challenging. It's interesting to see that despite the IDF's reliance on armor, a couple of dudes with an ATGM or late model RPG can really ruin your day.

I kind of cracked the code on the map editing thing after much trial and error, but not enough to create complete maps from scratch.

Good hunting!