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Pat Proctor
08 Nov 02, 19:22
We have posted some updates to our website.

New screen shots. We have posted two new screen shots from the release version of Armored Task Force. They are notable because a) they are the first released shots of the Fulda Gap scenarios, set in Germany, 1989, and b) they show of the Version 1.01 upgrade (read below).
We have posted the updated release date from Shrapnel Games which, as I am sure everyone has already heard, is November 13, 2002.

Version 1.01 upgrade.

We have permanently erradicated that pink border bug everyone was so irritated by (and rightly so). On some NVidia-based graphics cards, icons were accompanied by ugly pink borders at some zoom levels. This bug is no more. There are a couple other tweaks which will be released in a free, downloadable upgrade at the same time or soon after the Shrapnel Games release date.

Thanks for being persistent, Maddog!:cheeky:

Pat Proctor
08 Nov 02, 19:23

You can see the screen shots at:


Just click on "Screen Shots" in the top right corner.

Dr Zaius
09 Nov 02, 07:21
Thanks for the update. Looks good.

What types of helos are available in ATF? Are utility helicopters included and are they able to carry infantry?

Pat Proctor
09 Nov 02, 14:14
Trying to get a head start on Air Assault Task Force?:p

They are not included in the release version but, with the soon-to-be-released database editor, they can easily be added.