View Full Version : Assaults in Squad Battles - What rule of thumb do you use?

23 Dec 08, 12:17
I was playing SB_Pacific War last night and zipped through "Angels of Los Banos". During gameplay I was presented, as happens so often, with a situation where I was encouraged to assault to knock out an enemy unit, but felt I wasn't really sure that it was the wise thing to do. It got me to thinking about assault and maybe even doing an article for my site on it.

Before I start the article I was wondering, what do players use as a "rule of thumb" in an assault? Do you just intuitively decide? Do you have in your mind some minimum ratio of strength? Do you have some criteria that must be met, like the defender much be as least disrupted? Or is it a combination?

23 Dec 08, 18:06
I assault when you have to take the positon. I try to disrupt tall the defenders first before going in. I try for at least 3 to 1.

Mike Cox
25 Dec 08, 00:33
I usually only assault Pinned or Demoralized defenders at an estimated 2-1. I count leaders as a column shift. So I would attack a Squad + leader as if it were 2 squads ie 4 of my own. I would attack a single squad with a single squad + a leader, for example.

I also always leave a hex free of 'ZOC' (which does not exist in SB) for the loser to retreat to. Don't know if it makes a difference, but I feel better.

25 Dec 08, 10:40
I agree with Mike. Pinned or Demoralized units only, unless I'm making a last ditch effort to get an objective. I prefer 3-1 odds, but will go 2-1 if I feel the unit is weak enough.

25 Dec 08, 14:35
From my limited experience I like to have them pinned and have superior numbers before assaulting. If the defending units are just a mortar team or AT Gun or similar unit with low assault value then I am braver as these units should be vulnerable to assault unless stacked with infantry units. So, it's mostly intuition based on what I think should be the case in real life.