View Full Version : Africa at War mod - a couple of good versus the AI scenarios

18 Dec 08, 10:07
For those who are unfamiliar with the Africa at War mod (http://hosted.wargamer.com/SquadBattles/id104.htm), it's hosted over at Taskforce Echo Four (http://hosted.wargamer.com/SquadBattles/) by Wargamer.com

I have just completed a couple of really good scenarios that work well against the AI. I'm mentioning this because some of the A@W scenarios really are only valid for HtH or PBEM.

The two scenarios that I enjoyed can be downloaded from this page (http://hosted.wargamer.com/SquadBattles/id105.htm), and they are "The Marines Have Landed!" and "When Darkness Falls, So do Men". Be sure to pay attention to the scenario description to assure that you select the correct side.

Also, just as an FYI, when the A@W mod came out, the version of SB Pacific War upon which it was based was 1.01. The install instructions admonished against installing any further Pacific War patches since this would screw up the mod. However, it's easy to update A@W to 1.02. Just extract the .exe, .hlp and .doc files from the PW 1.02 patch files and put them into the A@W folder, overwriting the existing files. This will bring the game engine components up to PW 1.02 standards without lousing up the mod.

18 Dec 08, 11:23
This is actually good to know. Most folks simply were storing two different versions of PW in order to play A@W, I believe.

18 Dec 08, 12:14
It's also possible to copy over the latest sqdata.exe into earlier games as well as A@W.

By the way, there is one exception to doing mods in game, you cannot play Advance of the Reich with modified .dat files, the main game executable checks the file revision or something of that nature. At least this is what I remember from older discussions.