View Full Version : New mod for SAW!

17 Dec 08, 21:53
A new mod for SB SAW, called the "Long War" has been released! You will take the side of NATO in the war against the Taliban. Can be found here-


On a side note, the author of this mod is working on one for the Arab-Israeli conflict, it will even have the "Raid on Entebbe" included!

18 Dec 08, 07:17
Actually it was released in late October (see the updates page on TE4 (http://hosted.wargamer.com/SquadBattles/id108.htm)) but it wasn't mentioned on this forum, just on the Wargamer SB forum.

Be aware that although it does come with a number of scenarios, these are "showcase" ones, not necessarily designed for balance or completeness. Enterprising scenario contributors would be most welcome.

Also, it would be useful if someone would develop some "#Military Inventory" OOB files like those that were created for the Africa@War mod, although you can use the showcase files as examples I suppose.

If someone does create items for "The Long War" mod or provides supporting docs or like items, I'd be happy to host them over on my website (http://sites.google.com/site/jzs-place/).