View Full Version : Quality Loss Modifier - Do you use it against the AI?

12 Dec 08, 10:14
To refresh everyone's memory...

When the Quality Loss Modifier optional rule is selected, then the casualty and effectiveness losses suffered by infantry, both squads and leaders, is affected by a factor that depends on the quality of the unit:
• Units of Quality A have their losses modified by 0.5.
• Units of Quality B have their losses modified by 0.75.
• Units of Quality C have no change to their losses.
• Units of Quality D have their losses modified by 1.3.
• Units of Quality E have their losses modified by 1.6.
• Units of Quality F have their losses modified by 2.0

When I did a forum search I noticed that in a tournament the three optional rules enabled were vehicle fire over, helicopter hovering and Quality Loss Modifier. Now I tend to stay away from optional rules that change the basic game engine calculations like combat and losses, but seeing it mentioned there set me to wondering. Do folks feel that it's a good option to use when playing the AI? Or do you use it only against human players, or maybe not at all?

12 Dec 08, 10:19
I use it in almost every game I play that and Vehicle Fire over whether Playing PBEM or against the AI

12 Dec 08, 11:59
So do I, but I goofed and hit the wrong button on the poll!

14 Dec 08, 12:59
Changing TheBigRedOne's flipped-flopped vote to yes for both, we have it 6 use the optional rule for both versus AI and versus human play and one that uses it for neither. Pretty interesting.