View Full Version : Villanueva de la Canada PBEM

05 Dec 08, 18:35
This is a question for the design team. I am playing this scenario by email and I have noticed there is a different number of turns given in the 'operations' document than actually appear in the game. The PBEM version seems to have the same number of turns: 20 as the other version designed for playing against the AI. We are at a draw around about 12 turns but if it goes to the 20 my opponent will have great difficulty given the weight of my attacking forces.

Joao Lima
06 Dec 08, 15:19
It's a 20 turn scenario.

In playtest, with a shorter number of turns, the attackers where massacred due to the requirement to have them going head on. The increase in turns was to allow some options for maneuver.

06 Dec 08, 17:10
OK, thanks. We are a bit further on than I thought.