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Mike Cox
25 Nov 08, 14:10
It was a feature requested by JT's military contractor. I am still trying to get my head around it, as it is kind of complex.

It would be useful in a Blackhawk down kind of scenario. The firepower of the Rangers is overwhelming, but every loss of a Ranger becomes devastating. Say you put an objective where there is a downed heli. The Somalis need to overwhelm it early to gain max points (there is a time element in the objective scoring I believe). However, they will most certainly take massive casualties.

In the past I would just value the objective very highly making the casualties moot. Victory is determined by the loss or gain of the objective. Asymmetric Scoring adds much more nuance.

Really plays well in Against The Odds Situations:

US Marines in an isolated firebase with plenty of arty and air support against waves of VC.
Special Forces in a modern environment
Special Forces in any environment for that matter. (Rangers in Normandy? German commandos at the Bulge?)
Cut off Comonwealth forces facing waves of Commies in SB:K

etc etc

Any other scenario suggestions?

Joao Lima
25 Nov 08, 15:50
I think the Special Forces situation depends more on the target than on the casualties suffered, this in respect to pre Cold-War events. Demolition activities for example are wholly dependent on the end result, even if only one guy lives to tell the story. Same with recon, as long as the target is correctly relayed back...

I think the inclusion of it is entirely for the 'Blackhack down' scenario, but then it might be adjusted to any similar situation in other theaters and times.

25 Nov 08, 17:22
I've posted both of your responses over on my site on the appropriate page. (http://sites.google.com/site/jzs-place/jz-s-squad-battles-home-page/thoughts-on-squad-battles-asymmetric-scoring)

Now we'll have them saved for posterity :)

26 Nov 08, 08:50
I've been thinking about this and I've put together a tentative scenario outline.

Rebels have seized a government radio station. The longer they are able to transmit the worse for the government. The government must quickly retake the station while minimizing casualties to demonstrate that they maintain effective control of the political situation.

Rebels are first side. Single objective is radio station, worth ten points. Rebels start the game holding the radio station. Rebel forces consist of one officer and eight men, for a total of ten casualty points.

Government troops are second side. Suggested size is reinforced platoon.

Victory levels. Less than 40 is Major Defeat for rebels. 40-79 is Minor Defeat for rebels. 80-120 is a draw. 121-160 is Minor Victory, greater than 160 is Major Victory.

I swagged these numbers by mentally running through some possible outcomes and deciding which were better for the rebels. Here are some possible outcomes:

For example, the rebels hold the station for the entire time they get +100 points, but doing so they lose all their troops over the course of the battle, spread reasonably evenly over the course of the battle which costs them say -50 points. In turn the rebels inflict a like number of casualties on the government troops, but because these points are totaled retroactively from the start, the loss of the troops is a +100 benefit. Total is +150, a Minor victory.

Example two, the rebels hold out seven turns for +70, while losing their whole squad for a -60 hit. The government loses a squad, totaling +100 points for a total of +110, a draw.

Final example, the rebels get kicked out early on turn five for +50 points. Losing all the rebels by turn five results in a -75 loss, while the government suffers the loss of only five soldiers for a +50 result to the rebels, for a total of +25 points, a Major Defeat for the rebels.

Let me know if I have missed something. I also encourage folks to put together their own mini-scenario to try this out.

26 Nov 08, 09:51
I have put together a little test scenario based on the above. In the zip file are the required three files, using the SAW game. In my testing versus the Soviet (Afghan) A/I I end up with Major Defeats and Major Victories, just based on the vagaries of the combat system. BTW, due to the length of the word "Mujahideen", the results window (if not a Draw) will say "Mujahideen Major/Minor" and not the words "Victory" or "Defeat", which I'm assuming is due to the width of the window.