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12 Nov 08, 10:25
So besides WOM I have been tinkering with SB_SCW. As you might imagine, not a lot of high tech weaponry! Still it's nice to see so many bolt action rifles with "A" reliability.

A nice selection of scenarios and a couple of short campaigns. Here are the changes in the game engine:

Changes for Spanish Civil War V1.0
- Added a black bar on left side of counter for crews with heavy weapons.
- Added showing of enemy fire losses for units in the open.
- Added Political Officers (see Leaders Section of Users Manual).
- Added Cratered movement cost and protection values.
- Terrain height in Destroyed hexes is half normal and Destroyed hexes
prevent road movement into them.
- Change so that Demolition and Clearing load effects only affect target
hex when applied to Indirect Fire loads.
- (Editor) Added ability to specify alternative arrival hexes for

The possibility of alternate arrival hexes will add some suspense to gameplay, as will Political officers. Some people might find the gameplay a bit dry, since there are few whiz-bang things like RPGs and helicopters, but there's lots of solid tactical action.

12 Nov 08, 11:41
If you are looking for a match? :D

12 Nov 08, 12:33
If you are looking for a match? :D

Not at this time, I'm juggling work, family, WOME and SB_SCW, not to mention I'm hot on CoD:WaW as well :laugh: