View Full Version : Taask Fource Echo Four Updated!!

26 Oct 08, 21:49
News Flash!! Dateline 26 October 2008...

Task Force Echo Four updated after almost one year to the day. Finally back up and running after the last wargamer update fried the circuits. Anyway, I'm pleased to announce IronX's fantastical modern war mod is now available to all and sundry. Have at it!



27 Oct 08, 08:30
If you've got SAW, you have to have this MOD. I had the previledge to preview it during it's formative phases and it is, as RedMike said, fantastical. A lot of potential here for scenario designers.

02 Nov 08, 06:31
Having at it!!! Big thanks for this. Especially to IronX for letting us dig our teeth into it.

02 Nov 08, 10:52
Great Mod! Big thank you for it. Today I'll start experimenting with new scenerios.