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30 Aug 08, 20:08
Hi All,

Is SB friendly to 68 bit vista and a quad system?

Regards John

31 Aug 08, 21:08
I believe its 64-bit. :cool:

Our games run under 64-bit XP, but have never been tested under the 64-bit version of Vista to my knowledge...none of us run Vista nor intend to...

Ozgur Budak
01 Sep 08, 01:25
I can run them with Vista without any problem.

01 Sep 08, 03:19
...none of us run Vista nor intend to...

Oh sure, rub it in .... :P lol

03 Sep 08, 10:41
I can run them with Vista without any problem.

Same here accept the Help Menu's don't come up under Vista for me which I believe is a known issue.

03 Sep 08, 17:00
Same here accept the Help Menu's don't come up under Vista for me which I believe is a known issue.

That was a Microsoft decision with Vista, it seems.

At any rate there is more at http://www.hpssims.com/vistahelp.htm

From that page ...

Microsoft has dropped support for the Windows Help file format (.hlp) with the release of Vista. However, they have released a Vista-compatible download that should allow users to access .hlp files (help32.exe).

The rest of the instructions are on the previous link, for anyone that needs this info.

08 Sep 08, 06:46
I've now received confirmation from an end-user that the games do in fact work fine under the 64-bit edition.

08 Sep 08, 08:57
Hi All,

Thanks to all for their replies concerning 68...............ahem.........64 bit vista.

Regards John

11 Sep 08, 00:18
Has there ever been a fix found for the sound loop problems under XP?

11 Sep 08, 07:17
The sound looping isn't game specific, but rather system specific, so I doubt we'll ever see a code change that completely resolves it. Here's some potential remedies for it though:

1) Update your sound card drivers.

2) Reduce the "Hardware Acceleration" setting for your sound card

3) Open Windows Media Player...then select Library/More Options. There, select the tab labeled Monitor Folders. WMP will search all files for media files for a couple of minutes, and eventually create links to all the sound files in the games.

4) If none of the other items solves the problem you can investigate your system resources. I've had it reported before that a sound card was sharing the resources on a guys system with his hard drive controller. He moved his sound card to a new PCI slot that didn't share any resources and his problems went away for good.

Dr Zaius
11 Sep 08, 08:33
I have not tested any HPS games so I can't comment on that. I can, however, relate the following about Vista.

I recently had a motherboard die on me and so decided it was a good opportunity to install a fresh copy of Windows. After installing Vista home edition 32-bit, I had a number of issues trying to get my sound card to function properly. While troubleshooting that issue, the fine gamers on the EVGA forum convinced me to give Vista Ultimate 64-bit a shot.

Honestly, I really wasn't keen on wasting my time with Ultimate because there are just too many compatibility problems with 64-bit operating systems, and drivers simply aren't available for a lot of hardware. Note, you cannot use 32-bit drivers at all under a 64-bit operating system. Nevertheless, since I was playing around anyway, I decided to try it just to see what happened. I should point out that the guys from the EVGA forum all swear by Vista Ultimate 64, for whatever that's worth.

To my great surprise, I have found Vista Ultimate 64 to be quite stable. Being able to address up to 128GB of memory doesn't hurt either, and I've seen a noticeable improvement in games like Bioshock, EVE Online, and Supreme Commander. I've installed quite a few games and so far haven't encountered any significant compatibility problems. EVE Online refused to display properly in premium mode at first, but installing the latest Nvidia beta driver fixed that issue and it now runs great. Better than XP, in fact.

My testing with Vista 64 has been limited to newer titles, so I can't yet comment on compatibility issues with older games. But overall, I have to say what started out as an experiment has turned into a good thing. I can honestly say the gamers on the EVGA forums appear to know what they are talking about as this o/s has been exceptional so far (about 2 months).

Note: Part of the reason I haven't had any compatibility issues is that I keep my system updated with very high quality components. YMMV.