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04 Jul 08, 00:32
I just finished my second Winter War scenario and I'm about to start my third and I'm surprised to find nothing in the scenario descriptions about whether a scenario is suitable for solo player and which side is preferable for that, or whether a scenario is best for PBEM.

For solo play, should I just base my decision on the narrative description regarding which side would be better to play?

Ozgur Budak
04 Jul 08, 05:45
It must be my scenario. I dont like putting such suggestions into descriptions. Scenarios are designed & playtested for pbem too.

It is most probably hard to play the attacking side though.

04 Jul 08, 11:25
Just to clarify - in the SB series we aim to test every scenario against the AI & PBEM, so players get a challenge either way.

04 Jul 08, 12:34
Ok, just wanted to check, since in some of the series there are scenarios where they say the human player should take one side or the other.

I just finished "Winterhorde Onward Ride" and it was a very good scenario. After playing Soviet-Afghan War and the Africa@War mod, it takes some mental re-adjustment for assaults versus bolt action rifles. In those other games I would have never considered tactics like moving upright towards an opponent, but it can work in WW, with some preparation.

Ozgur Budak
04 Jul 08, 14:05
Campaign notes give some insight on the peculiarities and challenges of the winter war. It may help adjusting yourself to the theatre. Especially after fighting in Afghanistan.

04 Jul 08, 14:11
I started playing the scenario again but from the Finnish side and the first thing I found was that the AI Russian player did things a lot differently than I did. So now I'm looking at what you did in programming the AI and thinking that it's really interesting to see how the scenario could be approached from a different angle. Cool.

04 Jul 08, 14:46
I playtested that scenario with FastPhil, I believe, and it's a very challenging one for the Russians. Lots of ground to cover, lots of soft vehicles vulnerable to HMG fire.