View Full Version : Any asymmetric scoring scenarios in SAW?

30 Jun 08, 13:22
I've just been musing to myself regarding the type of situation where Asymmetric Scoring would be useful and I decide to check SAW to see which scenarios used it. I tried looking through several scenarios by loading them up, but that would seem to take a long time and if I'm not careful I'd load the wrong side and see the dispositions ahead of playing a scenario. I did a text search just in case it showed up in the scenario description, but no joy there either. Anyone off the top of their head know of one that uses it?

Mike Cox
30 Jun 08, 22:24
As far as I know, we did not use asymetric scoring in this one. It is a feature that was requested by Tiller's professional clients I believe. I have toyed with it, but just have not found the right situation.

01 Jul 08, 06:41
I've been thinking about it as well. I'll post if I can come up with a situation where it makes sense.

01 Jul 08, 16:44
Maybe a "human wave" assault in the Vietnam game(s)...or possibly Korea.

01 Jul 08, 17:00
Here's some musings I had about it. May be obvious, but I thought if I restated them something would jump out at me.

In terms of casualties, the weaker side gets more advantage by delaying taking casualties. For the stronger side, it does not matter when casualties are taken, so they should be taken when they do the most good. And the most good would be causing casualties to the weaker side early, to rack up more points.

If the stronger side is the first side, then it is of greater value to seize objectives earlier than later. Taking casualties early in the process of seizing a objective would be advantageous, since casualties cost the same whether incurred first turn or last, while seized objectives gain more points the earlier they are seized.

It would seem that for the strong side, it would be essential to rush in early, grab objectives and cause casualties. For the weaker side, it is more important to delay the seizure of the objectives while avoiding taking casualties.

Finally, a lot would depend on the way points are assigned to objectives, assuming that the standard casualty point values of the Squad Battles system are not altered.