View Full Version : Dumb Q: How do I add obstacles?

27 Jun 08, 09:25
I'm fiddling with SAW 1.01 and I was going to make a simple wire cutting test scenario, but I can't find in the scenario editor, how to add an obstacle (wire) to the map. I'm sure it's something obvious, but I'm not seeing it. Help!

27 Jun 08, 10:04
Never mind, figured it out. You have to select "Add/Clear Mines" from the sqedit Hexes menu. However, the help PDF says:

Select Add/Clear Mines to place the editor in a mine placement mode. In this mode, left clicking will place mines in the selected hex. Mines are first placed as booby traps, then anti-personnel mines, and finally as vehicle mines for each left click. Right clicking in the same hex will lower the strength of the mines in that hex and will finally remove them so I feel a little vindicated.