View Full Version : Opponent for Minsk Campaign

28 May 08, 15:46
Axis opponent wanted for Sgt Fury's Minsk'44 campaign mod 'The Battle for Byelorussia'. (The scenario is avaliable from Glenn's site)

This is based on Volcano Man's alt scenarios and uses his recommended optional rules.

The mod gives the axis player an extra panzer division as well as 2 to 3 SS motorized divisions (Totenkopf, Nordland and a weakened Wiking). It also brings forward axis reinforcement arrivals and removes some fixes.

The mod also alters the distribution of objectives for the soviets, moving more of them to deeper locations as well as changing the VP levels significantly in the axis favour. Finally the mod provides the Russians with strategy options to alter the deployment of some mobile forces to provide some FOW.

29 May 08, 16:16
The game has been taken