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Dr Zaius
03 Nov 02, 15:36
Deltapooh posted this on the Decisive Action forum and I thought it might come in useful over here as well.

I hate writting up OPORD. It requires a good degree of concentration to make sure the document provides the necessary information in a realistic format.

Company Command.com has a solution. They have numerous OPORD formats. Though designed for the Company level, they can be modified for above company level operations.

Tip: You can use OPORD in DA to better control your units. They don't have to be very informative, but just cover the basic info needed to ensure control, coordination, and unity of effort.


For a more indepth explanation of OPORDs, you might want to read FM 101-5 Staff Organizations and Operations, paying close attention to Appendix H for OPORD formatting.

You can download it here: