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24 Apr 08, 09:15
Based on a recent conversation, I will pose this question:

Do you folks play SB with the sound on or off? Why do you chose to play the way you do?

For me, the sound enhances the game play, especially the background combat sounds in the non-jungle games. I also truly enjoy the sound mods for the earlier games using a bit more accurate weapons sounds.


28 Apr 08, 02:30
I really enjoy the sound. So I play with it on.

I'm the type of player that likes good game play, sound and visuals. Bit like food or wine (or beer for that matter :D).

Although good game play is a must, having good sound and graphics really enhances my experience. I hate it when I hear it that game play is the only thing that counts. I find that a bit of a cop out.

One of my favourite gaming memories was the first time I heard the 'clink' of an anti-tank round bouncing of the armour of a Tiger in a Steel Panthers game. Simple but it added to the experience.

Just read your post again. To clarify the comments above. I enjoy the combat sounds but turn off the background sounds.

01 May 08, 01:06
I too enjoy combat sounds. If the combat sounds have no breaks or pauses it makes the battle sound like a real firefight. I think when that happens the sound replacates the action better than any graphic card can reproduce the same situation. As far as backround sounds go I turn them off because they have a tendency to repeat thus I can't concentrate.

09 May 08, 21:23
I normally play with background sounds on, unless I am trying to decipher a specific weapon firing sound, but I usually only play a few pbem turns at a time, so the background doesn't get too repetitive for me.

10 May 08, 10:05
I like the background sound more than the actual combat sounds. Gives me the 'feel' that I'm commanding my troops as the sounds of battle are raging in the distance. Good stuff, although I recently left a VN scenario open on my computer and after my son woke us up at 3am to feed, my wife was trying to figure out where the cricket was in the house!