View Full Version : Uploading a file?

Mike Cox
12 Apr 08, 22:41
I tried to upload a set of variants for a SAW scenario in a zip to the download section and keep getting errors.

Anyone have success with this?


A set of variants for the Kunar Sweep scenario. Muj deployments altered, as are the caches, booby traps, etc.

Increases replay value for PBEM. The Muj player should start the game, choosing one of the 4 variants and send the file to the Soviet. The Soviet will not be able to determine which set up was picked.

Mike Cox
12 Apr 08, 22:42
I see I was able to do it here....

Ozgur Budak
13 Apr 08, 05:32
You can also send Greg Mike. He can uplaod it to TFE4.

13 Apr 08, 08:05
I'm notifying the site admin now...