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06 Mar 08, 23:26
Hi I just signed up for this ladder looking to expand my horizons have been mostly playing over at the Blitz and Panzer Campaigns Club if any body is interested I would like to play a ES game let me know.

Email Landser34 at cinci dot rr dot com

Thanks Dennis

07 Mar 08, 07:35
Hi Dennis, Welcome! Fire something up and send it my way...you know the address I believe. :laugh:


Ozgur Budak
07 Mar 08, 08:49
I am not sure it will be a new horizon Dennis since most of the guys here is the old gang :)
Welcome aboard.

We can play a game if you like to.

07 Mar 08, 08:53
Yeah, there's a lot of cross over - but there's some new faces here too...this site sees more "new" people than any of the others, based on the amount of other content they cover.

07 Mar 08, 09:36
Hi Dennis.

If you don't have enough matches, feel free to fire one up and send it my way.:smoke:

07 Mar 08, 10:05
Hi Rich game sent.

07 Mar 08, 10:41
Hi Ozgur game sent

07 Mar 08, 10:48
Hi Phil game sent .

Thanks for the game

07 Mar 08, 10:48
Games taken thanks guys