View Full Version : Using maps between differen't games

14 Oct 07, 11:43
Hello All

Does anyone know if it's possible to move maps between differen't games in the series? For example can I move a map from TOD over to SAW or from TPAF over to PW etc etc... Thanks for any help.


Mike Cox
14 Oct 07, 12:05
As far as I know (and have tried) no.

14 Oct 07, 14:10
Hi Monkie,

I have tried to do this a few different ways without any luck. I have often wondered why this option is not available.

Regards John

14 Oct 07, 21:42
After looking at the map files it seems that they are coded for each individual game. Maybe a # corresponding to a map in PW means nothing to the SAW game engine as it keeps coming up with an error. I'd love to use some of the island maps from PW in SAW... darn :(