View Full Version : NATO vs. Warsaw Pact? also mod question.

10 Oct 07, 15:25
Hello all

I'm new to the forum but not new to SB (I own PW, TPaF, TOD and soon SAW) so please forgive me if this has been asked before. Is there any plans for NATO vs. Warsaw Pact from HPS? Would be interesting to cover late 70's till mid 80's. I know that it's hard to cover all of the little details of modern combined arms fighting but it would be interesting to see some small unit M113's vs Soviet BMP type scenarios. Maybe Spetsnaz vs. USAF security teams on airbase defense, etc. I noticed an old posting in the forums that showed Modern US Army (Apache on info toolbar) in the SB engine and wondered if that will ever come to light.

On another note I've had some fun adding some vehicles to TOD just for the fun of it. I added a modern AH-1S Cobra loaded with TOW's just because I've always wanted to see them in action even though it's the wrong period. Does anyone know if there is a limit to the amount the Vehicle art work .BMP can be expanded to add new vehicles? Also how does the game engine know what UNIT artwork is limited to a particular nationality? In other words how does it know only to look at certain faces when I use United States Marines vs. United States Army? I'd like to add a whole new set of infantry units to my TOD game.

Thanks for any comments, I'm looking forward to continuing to see SB evolve.


12 Oct 07, 13:54
A NATO/Pact game might happen, but its way down the list for a variety of reasons. Have talked to JT about this a few times...so not "out", but not "immenent" either.

Not sure on the graphics questions as I don't mess with them at all.

Ozgur Budak
12 Oct 07, 15:02
You can add vehicles and corresponding art. It takes editing the dats and the graphical file that is vehicles.bmp

13 Oct 07, 13:01
Bummer about it not being on the near horizon. I'll pretty much mod it myself as best as I can using data from SAW and other sources. Thanks for the info.