View Full Version : Newbie Looking for ES or SB:V Game

07 Oct 07, 19:22
I am new to this ladder and am looking to get back into ES and SB:V, which I haven't played in a while. These are the only games in the series I own right now. Thanks.

Mike Cox
07 Oct 07, 19:58
I'd be game for SB:V.

Pick one and send it my way. mlcox AT napanet DOT net or send me a PM here with your address.

Mike Cox
07 Oct 07, 19:59
and ps - Welcome! We plan to start up a Soviet Afghan tourney in December, so if you get your appetite up, you might want to comnsider adding a game.

07 Oct 07, 22:26
File on the way. Thanks!

08 Oct 07, 11:23
Fancy a game of ES aswell?

08 Oct 07, 21:07

We tried to start a game over on the Blitz (I am Lynxfan98 there), but obviously my attempts to email you have failed. Please give me your email and I will try again. Thanks.

08 Oct 07, 22:13
oh yes the lets go game.
My turn is on its way later.