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20 Sep 07, 13:15
Hi All,

Here is a new mod for Eagles Strike. It is available at

This mod replaces your 2d units with figures instead of head and shoulders. I have had the idea for a while and then became interested again upon Ozgur Budak making his counter mod for ES. I have built upon that mod using various techniques . I hope you all enjoy the result. You may find that they look best with my counter mods. At the moment I use only my Blue Counters for all Axis and Green for all Allies. Of course they will work with any counter set. You may reach me at z1812john@yahoo.ca with any comments or suggestions.

Best Regards

John Adams (z1812)

1. Unzipp the file to whatever your normal location may be for your unzipped files.

2. Open the folder.

3. Copy the files to your Eagles Strike/Map folder

Here are some pics of the Mod. Amer Air, Brit, Ger FJ, Ger Heer.

20 Sep 07, 20:53
Hey John,

The screen shots look good, but unfortunately when I click on the link I get a page not found error...can you post the correct link please?


20 Sep 07, 22:20
Hi All,

Sorry about the wrong link. It should be:


Regards John

20 Sep 07, 22:29
Ok, got it that time, thanks!

Mike Cox
21 Sep 07, 14:17
Cool John. Thanks. BTW, we are paired up for the tourney and I need to send you and email. Can you get in touch with me at mlcox AT napanet.net.SZO (remove the .SZO).