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13 Sep 07, 17:56
Since we're moving into the third and final round I figured I would put out some feelers and see what you guys would like to use for the next tourney. Please let other SB players you know hear about this so we can get some good participation!

We will not start until the current tourney is complete.

13 Sep 07, 19:52
BTW - you can make multiple selections if you wish...

15 Sep 07, 01:08
SAW seems quite popular - would be quite keen to play a tourny with the new title. :)

15 Sep 07, 01:18
SAW seems quite popular - would be quite keen to play a tourny with the new title. :)

2nd that. Give everyone a reason to either buy it or take their copy for a good spin.

15 Sep 07, 03:46
Yes, I totally agree. Let's use SAW for the next tourney :)

15 Sep 07, 10:20
If SAW it is I will only mention that it is not your mother's SB game. If players already haven't done so, they need to review the changes in SAW before the start. Otherwise they might be in for several rude surprises.:eek:

15 Sep 07, 11:44
There's time to get a few battles in before we start the next one...and since the voting certainly seems to be leaning that way everyone should take Phil's advice!

Again though, if you guys could spread the word around the web community about the tourney it would be good to see some new faces involved...can we get 2 dozen players for this one?? :cool:

Ozgur Budak
15 Sep 07, 15:38
Not exactly a new face but I may join if you need men Rich.

15 Sep 07, 15:42
Certainly glad to have you Oz! Tell the Blitz guys too...they can get double credit for the games...here and there. :D

Double Deuce
16 Sep 07, 08:30
I voted eagles Strike and Vietnam only because I have those 2 and planning to get SAW although not sure how soon that will be. Been spending too much $$ over at Matrix Games site lately. :paperbag:

16 Sep 07, 08:39
Only got ES and ATR so i got to go for them

16 Sep 07, 09:49
SAW - that what I voted

19 Sep 07, 07:34
Well, unless we get a massive influx of gamers who want to play it looks like SAW will be it for sure for the next tourney...so that gives everyone 30 to 60 days to prepare or so!

Mike Cox
19 Sep 07, 12:46
Maybe a winter themed set of scenarios....

Joao Lima
19 Sep 07, 14:00
SAW it is, even though I voted multiple...

08 Oct 07, 19:09
Glad to see the forum busy enough to need a sticky! We'll keep this poll open for the next month or so, as we move towards a kick off date.

25 Nov 07, 08:40
I'd like to be a part of this tourney if there is room.

25 Nov 07, 15:39
Absolutely Jason, we have room for you! :cool:

Mike Cox
25 Nov 07, 23:11
Hey Rich - I am gone 'til about the 3rd. Can we set it up and start say mid Dec? We need to get a scenario list, pairings etc.

26 Nov 07, 02:26
Hi Rich,

I'm in for a S.A.W. tourny.



26 Nov 07, 07:02
Sure, we can aim for the week of the 3rd...no rush, that's for sure.

Have a safe trip!

26 Nov 07, 13:14
Better put me down, I've only played a one or two of the SAW scenarios so would be happy to partake.:)

26 Nov 07, 18:47
Please count me in!!! Oz has been giving me some very painful lessons in SAW, so I hope to be ready!

26 Nov 07, 21:42
I'd like to play if there's still room.


27 Nov 07, 07:23
Absolutely...we'll fit people in as long as there's an interest!

27 Nov 07, 10:37
I'd like to join the tourney when it start...

Dale H
27 Nov 07, 12:31
Count me in for SAW!



Shotgun Messiah
29 Nov 07, 21:40
I'm your Huckleberry!!!!

Count me in

03 Dec 07, 14:19
OK, well SAW it is with out a doubt...I currently have 16 people on the list which is good, but we can take more if anyone is interested.

Here's the scenarios I'm proposing for a 3-round tourney of mirrored games...my usual. :cool:

018.A rude awakening.scn
011.Order of the Red Star.scn

Be looking for things to get rolling in the next few days.

03 Dec 07, 14:31
I need "Gary" and "Sergeant610" to join the Squad Battles ladder in the WARS system. If you don't know how to do that please let me know.

04 Dec 07, 23:16
I would like you join the Tourney.

05 Dec 07, 07:38
I would like you join the Tourney.

Already have you listed...see the new thread I started - Afghan Adventure - and then follow the link to the new Tourney page.

Only waiting on Gary at this point, and I have sent him a PM yesterday.