View Full Version : SAW getting some attention...

26 Aug 07, 21:49
The new Soviet-Afghan War game is getting a bit of publicity. A new review of it is posted on the main GameSquad hope page and there's also an AAR posted on the Wargamer site. Hopefully this will stir some more interest up in the series!

Ola Berli
01 Sep 07, 22:48

very good. It is an excellent game, higly recommended!

Mike Cox
08 Sep 07, 15:35
Hey Ola -

You up for a game of SAW?, pick one, options and sides if you are.


09 Sep 07, 23:45
I'm still waiting to see the 3D update. Any word Rich?

10 Sep 07, 07:14
Nope, not yet...the graphics guys are working on other things right now, but will eventually come back to this. We're a very small shop...so only limited resources. :cry: