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Gary McClellan
21 Aug 07, 12:10
Yes, yes, I'm a brave man. (Except for certain things, which is why I'm a single man :clown:)

Anyway, what's your preference in Napoleonic Games? Do you prefer a "game" (i.e. more streamlined, a fair amount of detail either "under the hood" or not there at all?) or a "simulation" (Everything and the Kitchen Sink).

I realize this is really more two poles with lots of space in between, so where are you?

21 Aug 07, 13:18
A good subject for this debate is artillery supply. The global artillery supply system puts the matter "under the hood" but allows players to fire 12 pounders and horse arty all day and never run out of ammo, tapping the "global supply" some of which would actually belong to underused and different caliber batteries. I do miss the good ole exploding caissons of Wellington's Victory, but would having caissons, which is more realistic add detail at the cost of playability?
If you have caissons, then you surely would want arty crews. What would be the mechanism of retreating arty crews to friendly infantry squares? I have never liked the cav charge arty *poof they are gone" rule. A melee attack should kill crews, not eliminate guns. I fondly remember an overrun gun line of mine in Wellington's Victory. The crews were dead, but the abandoned, undestroyed guns disordered any enemy marching across them.
Details of artillery ammo and artillery crews were handled in Wellington's Victory by moving around hundreds of little pieces of cardboard. Surely the computer could handle such detail, that's what computers are good at. Since I havent decided how this would work, its not on my top three list, but my vote (surprise, Surprise) is in favor of accurate simulation over simplicity.

Gary McClellan
21 Aug 07, 13:58
I'm a bit lost in your comments about Arty and Cav. Currently, if Cav takes guns, the gunners are chased off, but the guns will recrew any time they start a turn next to a friendly infantry unit AND they aren't occupied by the enemy.

As for Cassions, that's a good subject for this debate, as it would add a new counter for every gun unit, that players would have to keep track of.

21 Aug 07, 22:13
In the Napoleonic game system, when guns are melee attacked by cav, not overrun during movement, they are lost, and disappear.

Gary McClellan
21 Aug 07, 22:15
True, since I generally do that in a charge, I'd forgotten that twist.