View Full Version : Artillery Unlimber

18 Aug 07, 12:29
Question on Artillery Unlimber movement Values. Why is it that Foot Artillery can Unlimber with 6 movement points remaining, But Horse Artillery with 6 Can not. IMO this should be just the opposite.
Observed this within Waterloo.

Gary McClellan
18 Aug 07, 13:42
That's a trick of the engine. The actual unlimber rate is 1/2 Base MP (whatever that may be). So, since Horse Arty has 14 base MP, and Foot has 12, that makes it 7 vs 6.

I'm not entirely convinced that's logical, as you say, but that's how the engine lands in that spot.

18 Aug 07, 14:10
OK, Thks, I thought 2 unlimber guns was a point cost, not a ratio.

21 Aug 07, 12:15
As average unlimber to fire time for arty of the period was two minutes at most, 1/2 movement factor is Not logical.