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18 Aug 07, 12:27
Manual explains fatigue in levels as Low 1-300, Medium 400-600, High 600+, but it does not explain its effects.
What does it effect, Melee, Fire, Movement, Moral Checks, ?

18 Aug 07, 13:06
If you look in the Fatigue section of the User's Manual it spells out the various penalties. Low fatigue has no penalties but from there on you get increasing penalties to fire and melee strength and morale value as your fatigue increases another level.

Gary McClellan
18 Aug 07, 13:44
Short form, is that each "level" of fatigue tacks a 1 point modifier onto the unit.

So, a unit with medium fatigue trying to recover to good order has a -1 Modifier.

A unit firing has a -10% modifier on fire.

So on and so forth.

18 Aug 07, 13:48
OK, Thks. InGame F1 did not explain.

23 Aug 07, 18:48
The User.hlp file should be read thoroughly...contains the bulk of the details you need to know.