View Full Version : Odd spotting question

16 Aug 07, 23:35
Playtesting a scenario in the Waterloo game, Four days, full map. We are playing extreme fog of war. I have spotted french units on an entry hex on south edge as Allies. Opponent has spotted units going across a bridge in Hal/Tubrize area. Both "spots" were impossible for LOS and distance reasons.
This seems to be a glitch. Has anyone else encountered anything similar? Can it be fixed?

Gary McClellan
17 Aug 07, 09:20
I've seen it before in Eckmuhl, though I thought that bug had gotten squashed.

What you need to do is send the file to Rich Hamilton, and he can take a look at it. Now, he's out of town at the moment, so it'll take a bit.

17 Aug 07, 12:20
Thanks Gary. I'll see if my opponent has a file saved from his "spot." I have one of mine, and hope to send both along.

18 Aug 07, 03:08
I had not heard of the board edge being viewable. Thanks for the report. Something I will keep my eyes on in games.