View Full Version : Weather effects question

12 Aug 07, 23:28
If attack factor is 50% in heavy rain/mud conditions, does this apply to both melee and fire facors? Fire factors on offensive and definsive fire phases?
Does it apply to only melee factor for attacker, but not defender?

13 Aug 07, 07:48
Applies to melee for both sides, but not fire values - to my knowledge.

Gary McClellan
13 Aug 07, 10:41
Y'know Rich... wet powder...it maybe should....:surprise:

13 Aug 07, 18:28
Add it to the list... :cool:

13 Aug 07, 21:22
I don't understand why it would effect melee but not gunfire...seeing as how power gets wet and cannon balls stick in the mud and shells don't explode.

13 Aug 07, 21:48
Artillery is effected, just not ranged fire from muskets.

14 Aug 07, 07:46
I thought there was some disadvantage to melee attacking in mud. I realize there has to be a "flag" for cav charges to be affected which is not there in weather file I'm using.
When raining would not troops in buildings be able to keep their powder dry? How about under the shade of trees, but if it's a thunderstorm, increased lightning strike capability. Thus I neither request not expect changes in this any time soon.