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05 Aug 07, 16:09
With the release of the new SB title Soviet Afghan War, we have changes in the game engine that have changed the play of the game drastically. One of those is objectives.

In each scenario, there are generally one or more Objectives that are used to determine the victory outcome. Objectives are owned by one side or the other, although they may change ownership if occupied by the opposing side. Objectives determine victory points according to their type:

Normal These objectives have a fixed value and are owned by the last side to occupy their hex. When the objective is owned by the first side in a scenario, then that side is awarded points. Normal Objectives can change ownership any number of times during a scenario.

Exit The value of these objectives starts at 0 and then increases each time units of the owning side are removed from the map at that hex. Normally an Exit Objective should only be placed on the boundary of the map. Exit Objectives cannot change owners. Exit Objectives award points to the side that owns them.

Capture These objectives begin uncaptured and owned by the given side. If they are occupied by the opposing side, then they become owned by that side and their points are awarded to that side. After they are captured, the owning side does not have to occupy the hex to get the points. Capture Objectives cannot be recaptured or change back to the original owner.

Objectives can also be defined as Unknown. When an objective is unknown, it is not visible to the opposing side (under Fog-of-War) unless it is occupied by units from that side. Unknown Normal, Exit, and Capture objectives are called Hidden, Escape, and Cache objectives respectively.

The big changes here are capture and hidden objectives. I have been bitten several times by these in Soviet Afghan War by not paying careful attention. They have added a level of uncertainty that didn't exist before and added an aditional level of complexity in strategy and tactics. Think of a tournament scenario where all objectives are hidden from the opponent and you have a meeting engagement.

Personally, I hope scenario designers take advantage of this when developing new scenarios. I would like to see many of the older
scenarios updated to take advantage of these and other features of the 'new engine'. I would be interested in hearing your views on this and other new engine changes .