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30 Apr 04, 11:04
Hi guys,

I realise the fact and I am a firm believer of sounds not being important in wargaming, but in POAII the sounds were put there so you could recognise the type of weapon being fired right?...

So this just brings me to a point of some types of weapons not sounding as they should, my main example is a rocket pod on an attack helicopter seems to be represented by the sound of a fast firing machine gun, which is the same sound the chain gun on the helicopters produce?!

Not a major moan, but something I just wanted to bring out in the open.

( Definatley have no gripes away the sound of the Abrams firing, that sounds real sweet!!! )

30 Apr 04, 11:34
I hear you, but I think we could mod the sounds. It shouldn't be that difficult as they should just be saved as .wav files. I would have to dig through the directories to see. I think we also have a ways to go before HPS will have time to tweak them themselves but it wouldn't hurt to get a list started.

30 Apr 04, 11:38
Good point, im sure ive got some good sound effects from other games on my hard drive, I think a few less recent combat flight simulations that I own may have some convertable sound files, im sure I can dig one out for a rocket pod.

Cant say I looked at the sounds files in the game directory, so good point. ;)

30 Apr 04, 13:05
the easiest way to use your own sounds is to copy the sound you want to use into the sound dir and have it use the exact same file name that is linked into the database under unit view. Every unit's sound is listed in thier and easy to view.
hope that helps.