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Doc Ozzie
26 Jul 07, 22:19

I am looking for suggestions on any Historical Fiction books in the era regarding the Battle of Waterloo. For example, I appreciated Killer Angels! Is there a similiar book for this era?

Also, any non-fiction books "not to dry, nor collegiate" that a newbie attempting to learn about the battles/leaders/events of the Napoleonic era.

Thanks for any advice.


26 Jul 07, 23:27
I'd suggest you find the Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell and start reading. They are good stories as they follow a member of the 95th Rifles throughout the Napoleonic Wars. Good reading and I found they gave me a better understanding of what was happening on a Napoleonic period battlefield. They pass through Waterloo on the way so you won't be disappointed.

27 Jul 07, 11:00
Great question. I will second the Sharpe series, for land-based historical fiction. I have never found anything on par with Killer Angels for Napoleonic books. There are plenty of good to great naval series though.

As for non-fiction, a good read that talks about some aspects of Waterloo is Mark Urban's Wellington's Rifles. Nice style of writing, easy to read. It doesn't just cover Waterloo though, it starts in the Peninsula.

28 Jul 07, 11:05
Not too dry nor collegiate would apply to David Chandler's The Campaigns of Napoleon, though it is 1095 pages long. It remains for me the Bible of Napoleonic warfare.

28 Jul 07, 14:07
There is two new novels on the Napoleonic wars and both cover Waterloo.

"Four Days in June "
by Ian Gale
It's about the Battle of Waterloo and a new author.. Not sure how good it is as haven't read it yet.

And also

"Voices of Thunder "
by Gareth Glover
Which is probably a much better novel written by a historian on the battle of Waterloo but harder to get hold of.

Plus this first in a new series.

"Young Bloods: Revolution"
by Simon Scarrow
Which is a first in a series of novels focusing on both Nappy and Wellington

Others I can think of are:

"Death to the French" by C.S Forester, the book that inspired Bernard Cornwell and two books by R.F. Delderfield - "Too few drums and "Seven men of Gascony".