View Full Version : changing PDT files..,possible mid game?

30 Jun 07, 20:50
Playtester and I considering upping arty firepower. If both Email sender and receiver have new PDT files, can game proceed without a glitch?

Gary McClellan
01 Jul 07, 09:28
Hm, I honestly have no idea if it would work or not.

06 Jul 07, 16:50
Just remember that any change you make to the "stock" file that came with the game will effect your other games as well.

Always best to use a COPY of the file for playtest games. Rename it to something different and then create your scenario using the copy of the file.

In answer to your question: yes. However, dont modify the weather data. This can lead to the game not working properly in the area of visibility.

07 Jul 07, 21:41
If the game is encrypted it won't work, otherwise it should.

09 Jul 07, 12:52
Thanks. The PDT file has its own name. Having first player make move with us both using new PDT file we had no problem. The PBEM game was encrypted and that didnt cause a problem.
A rather quiet day one of four day battle is in the books; more arty fire likely, day on June 16th.