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10 Jun 07, 17:00
My new Four Days in June scenario for Campaign Waterloo. It starts 3:15 on June 15 and runs through the 18th. It utilizes my oob ideas, which some of you have peeked at. It has a new units file.
I've been mulling French side, but will play Allies, if necessary. We can discuss optional rules, but (unfortunately) a Gentlemens' rule is required: No night movement (except retreating out of enemy zocs) after 9 PM turn.

Ola Berli
10 Jun 07, 17:48

no night movement!

Armies did move at night or not?

11 Jun 07, 20:22
Armies did move at night or not?

There is no march fatigue or straggling. 18 hours of daylight in mid June allows 72 KM of marching per day. No night movement enforces a pause in movement to rest. 72 KM a day would more than make Davout or Stonewall Jackson proud.

Ola Berli
11 Jun 07, 22:20
You decide of course.

But as we both know the history is full of intensive marching before
a battle.

I am not talking of marching 72 kilometer everyday, in this sce. it is more
speed marching in a short periode.

Good luck with Your scenario!

12 Jun 07, 18:22
I would like a copy of the scenario and OB (dont need Units file) before I agree to play it. Please email me via the forum email.

05 Aug 07, 15:55
would like a copy of the scenario and OB (dont need Units file) before I agree to play it. Please email me via the forum email.

I can send those, but I should say that after playtesting Ligny/QB using same oob ideas the new units file may be more than just eye candy, and if you dont have it, the units will look all wrong.

Currently playtesting as Allies. Tweaked up artillery is helping defense, but still taking big losses on D. Experimenting midgame with a One turn night turn with movement allowed. 2:00 pm 16 June,,,can Picton and Alten hold QB? That this is even a question is something.

06 Aug 07, 21:42
How is it possible for him to change/add an OOB file?

Gary McClellan
07 Aug 07, 09:36
The OOB file is fairly moddable actually. (Note though, this isn't the case in all Tiller games. For instance, Gettysburg has a locked and coded oob).

There's a few files
.oob which is a list of units, their strength and morale and the like.
.pdt which gives scenario parameters (movement points, weapon firepower and any number of other things)
then the units.bmp file, which is the one that stores all the unit pictures.

They are all moddable if you know what you're doing. Personally, I'm a graphics doofus, so I wouldn't touch any of the graphics files to save my life.

08 Aug 07, 10:51
I was very disappointed when I found out Gettysburg oob file was unmoddable. I suppose HPS figures this will increase sales by prohibiting people from modding games. I havent bought another CW title, and were I to play Gettysburg, I'd play the TS version.
The oob and ptd file changes in game I'm playtesting make it a totally different game from stock scenarios. These files are much like those in my Ligny/QB scenario posted in download section, with artillery tweaked up a bit.

08 Aug 07, 11:40
It would impact long term plans for the series, no ifs, ands or buts. Gettysburg includes maps for several other major actions and having the OOB's unlocked would immediately have those battles covered. Shortly after the release of Corinth this was proven as mass numbers of mods rolled out the door in short order.

So, sorry you aren't happy with it, but its a decision that John made and is not willing to reverse - at least not until the series has run its course. Once that has happened then it will be reconsidered.

09 Aug 07, 07:00
Okay, so can I please ask (if you want to answer privately I'll not tell!) but what OOBs can be edited and which can't?
Shiloh can't and Wagram can, I know that. Is there an easy differentiation?

Thanks in advance. :)

09 Aug 07, 07:54
I don't have any other Civil war titles. Napoleonic and Panzer Campaign titles' oob, ptd and units files are editable. It appears that oob/ptd editing is not allowed in Civil war titles, which is why I do not buy them.
One look at HPS Gettysburg and I wanted to change how artillery was represented and perhaps up the morale of some Union forces (pet theory of mine that Army of Potomac's morale was better fighting on northern than southern soil).

09 Aug 07, 08:07
The only series of games that has their OOB's locked is the ACW games and then SB: Advance of the Reich is also locked.

Beyond that all games can be edited with the exception of maps - which none of them allow that.

09 Aug 07, 18:34
Thanks Rich. :)