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09 Jun 07, 16:17
Hello Gentlemen,

now I want to present you the British Army of 1815 in Belgium for your unit.bmp.:devil:


That means new 35 Infantry-, 17 Cavalry, 19 Artillery-, 4 Sappers, 4 Train- and 3 Other active or non-active (nice for What-If-Scenarios…) units during the Waterloo Campaign.
The explanations are in English.
I hope you can use it and I am open for questions or comments.

Greetings from Germany:smoke:


09 Jun 07, 21:40
There are some units I can plug into my just completed Campaign Waterloo units file. Good work, as usual. My units file is used for my oobs for four days, Ligny/QB and Waterloo/Wavre scenarios. Currently only plugged into Four Days in June scenario, hopefully playtesting soon. I had a sort of deadline, and could not wait.

10 Jun 07, 08:31
Thanks Andreas!

20 Jun 07, 13:54
Great work once again Andreas.

Will you be making bmps for the rest of the British Army (particularly the Peninsular veterans and Portuguese for those what-if scenarios) after the French have been done?

Best regards,