View Full Version : How do I copy an image without the background?

07 Jun 07, 15:43
I am tinkering further with the database editor in SAW. I now have a patrol boat, with stats based on the one in AaW. I am copying the images of the patrol boat for the Vehicles.bmp, 2DVehicles50.bmp and 2DVehicles100.bmp, but the background color of the two game's image files are different and I can't seem to get my Paint Shop Pro 7.1 to make the background transparent. Is it perhaps not possible with BMP files? Can I convert to JPG (for instance) and copy and then paste? Hmm. Anyway, I do have a patrol boat with the proper sounds and everything :D

Ozgur Budak
07 Jun 07, 18:55
It is quite simple. Copy/Paste the boat image into target Bmp in paint (default basic software). Select the background colour of the target bmp and replace the background of the boat. Dont forget the pixels that are behind the image itself. Entire background should be one colour.

07 Jun 07, 23:23
Wow, it does work! Some of the pixels on the edges of the boat got changed because they were close to the background color, but it's not a big deal and otherwise it works great :D