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06 Jun 07, 09:52
Just FYI for anyone that cares, on page 58-59 of the User Manual is the section on Effectiveness, and it still states that "There is no way of restoring Effectiveness in the context of a Squad Battles scenario." This is no longer the case, as noted at the end of the "Getting Started" documentation:

4) Rest, for men and weapons - for each turn that a unit has not moved, fired, assaulted, or has been fired upon, it is eligible to receive an average recovery of effectiveness based on the rest value for that side. This rest value also applies to all weapons carried by that unit.

07 Jun 07, 11:05
Noted, thanks.

07 Jun 07, 12:18
Hi Rich!

I'm getting over the shock of seeing my beloved .doc manuals replaced by PDF format, but I guess that's ok ;)

07 Jun 07, 13:22
hey! See, you can't get away from me. :crosseye:

All in time, I think the PDF format will grow on you...hope you enjoy the game!