View Full Version : Jena-Auerstedt Campaign Update

04 Jun 07, 18:17
For those of you that may get to the G2-Gorlitz branch of the Scharnhorst campaign (as well as the Alternate version of that campaign) I was told by Tony Barlow (of the NWC) that there is an error when you try and launch the battles (from either the Battle game or Campaign engine). The error was in the .scn file where it references an incorrectly named map file. We cannot use German characters in map file names and while I had changed the map name from Görlitz.map to Gorlitz.map it had not been corrected in all of the .scn files.

Thus .... the link provided below has the files and instructions on where to unzip the files. I usually dont have a download for an existing title as I prefer to use the Updates from the HPS website but for those of you playing the campaign you would be dead in the water if you got to this point or like Tony, jump in at this point.

So here is the link. Read the enclosed instructions and unzip the files to the appropriate directory.


This will not mess up any current games you have going. It overwrites .scn files which are only used when you start up a battle.

I will be checking all of the scenario files again for incorrect map names. If I find any scenarios in error I will add in another download for you guys to get. (as John wont be putting out an update anytime soon that I know of).