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28 May 07, 13:54
Hello ppl I just got the waterloo campaing its the first time I play an HPS game so honestly some things are still confuse.

First is it possible to turn off the music? I cant find an option to turn it off, im not complaining about the music, is nice but after two hours those drums and fleutes become annoying.

Second one friend told me that there is an option to make the AI turn run quick in some HPS games, but again I cannot find the option.

The last thing... is it possible to move several units at the same time? I know I can stack them but due to movement points and stack limitations this is not exactly what im looking for, basicly what I want is to highlight several units in the map and then move them into another location without having to move them manually one by one (there are maps that are really huge and have lots of units so moving them one by one its boring)

Thanks in advance.

28 May 07, 15:31
To turn off the music go to the Settings menu and make sure that Background Music is turned off. I don't think there is an option to speed up the AI in the HPS Napoleonic games. I think that option only applies to the Panzer Campaign games. To move a bunch of units at once click on the hex containing the first unit in a column that you want to move. Don't highlight the unit but just click on the hex. Hold down the alt key and then right click along the movement path you selected and all the units will follow nose to tail as you move. Just be sure to watch so that you don't inadvertently move units that you didn't intend as any adjacent units will follow along. I've found this the best and easiest way to move columns down roads.

Tom Bridges
28 May 07, 15:58
I don't mean to hijack your thread, darkpretender, but I have a related question. When I'm PBEM I would like to watch my opponent's turn replay, but in the larger games it takes forever. I think I remember someone posting a hotkey to speed up the replay but I can't find it. Does anyone know how to do this?

29 May 07, 13:38
Replays cannot be sped up. If you watch a replay it will always be at the same speed. Like alot of other games I have petitioned for a VCR-like control. We wont get it for this series. Maybe a future one.

31 May 07, 13:38
When playing the AI you can use Fast AI processing by hitting the F8 key.

31 May 07, 17:18
When playing the AI you can use Fast AI processing by hitting the F8 key.

Well I guess you learn something new every day.

01 Jun 07, 20:23
It also helps to zoom out the map area to as small as it gets - to keep the replay from scrolling around excessively.

04 Jun 07, 16:03
When playing the AI you can use Fast AI processing by hitting the F8 key.

But so far we havent added in the ability to do this with replay files Rich and quite frankly it should be something we think about doing in the future for the guys.