View Full Version : Napoleonic Downloads

Tom Bridges
26 May 07, 10:16
I can't seem to find the Downloads for this forum and the link posted in Rich's sticky (above) doesn't work.

Can someone please post a link?

Thanks. :)

26 May 07, 11:12
Just go to the very top of the page and you'll see a link labeled downloads. Click on it and then the HPS Simulations link on that page. You should be able to follow it from there.

Tom Bridges
26 May 07, 20:53
Got it, thanks.:)

Tom Moore
08 Jun 07, 17:24
I have been trying to download 2D and 3D graphics for the HPS Eckmuhl game.When I press the download button I get Internet Explorer HTML file which I download then I left click on the file and I get a bulletun saying I am downloading to quick and to wait 45 or 60 seconds.I never get past this message and nothing is downloaded. Help