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18 May 07, 23:56
I would like to see a two rank line type that does not permit the detatchment of skirmishers. Ideally, I'd like to see only Extended lines, adjacent to the other half of their bn (both in LOS of target) receive the fire benifit, and three rank lines (at 1/3, not 1/2 plus) get it, too.

19 May 07, 19:53
The "R" type doesn't permit skirms to be formed, but that's it at this time. Is there a doctrineal reason that could justify this change across multiple nations?

Gary McClellan
19 May 07, 22:23
What nations both used a 2 rank line, and also would not use Skirmishers?

20 May 07, 10:49
I can't think of anyone using a 2 rank line without skirms.

The English and French used a 2-rank line by 1813, but had intergeral skirms within the battalion.

The Austrians and Prussians post-1807, although still deploying in 3-rank lines, would send the third rank out to skirmish, so they had 2-rank lines with skirmishers.

The Russians retained a 3-rank line as best as I can remember, and each battalion still had a platoon of skirms.

The US and all European minor powers mimicked the English and French, mostly.

21 May 07, 09:38
Brit bns had ten companies. Usually in brit brigades, the light companies would combine to form an ad hoc "light batalion," thus leaving the parent batalions incapable of forming skirms. I use this model in my oobs because at an international 1/6 brit bns would form skirm cos that are too strong.
I use the R category for such bns (brits have better fire rating than french), and dont use two rank line at all.
If a three rank line uses the third rank for its skirmishers, not a dedicated company, if the skirms are gone, what you have left is a two rank line. Batalions too small to occupy assigned frontages in three ranks would form in two ranks.
In game terms my suggestion about extended lines implies two units firing at the same target getting the fire benefit, not a single unit whose size falls bleow some threshold.